"Ana's cooking is pure alchemy. Right off the bat, she is an exquisite and exceptional cook, baker and human being. Her food is so gorgeous, so sumptuous, and so lovingly created, it truly qualifies as nourishment to the soul. You truly get the sense that there is magic in the air whenever you get the chance to share in her beautiful creations. There is always something unexpected, magnificent and surprising in the best of ways with all of her dishes. I had the most amazing experience with Ana cooking for me, and I cannot recommend working with her more highly enough. There is something that Ana does that is deeper than just cooking or baking; she truly loves what she does so much that you can feel it in her dishes. You can feel the care she takes in every bite. The result is a meal that is super high vibrational, incredibly delicious, and reflects the beautiful spirit of sacred service that runs so deeply in Ana. She is amazing and in a class all her own. Again, I cannot recommend her enough -- she will elevate any meal or event to the highest possible level."-Lindsay Mack, Intuitive tarot reader, teacher + writer, Founder, Wild Soul Healing.

"Since I've known Ana, I've witnessed her deep relationship to ingredients and the importance of food as a convening element. She shares this joy and has been instrumental in transforming the role of food in my won life. When I decided I wanted to have a dinner party for a milestone birthday last fall, Ana was my first call. While I lacked a concrete sense of what I wanted to achieve outside of feelings and tone, I did know that I wanted intimacy, whimsy, comfort, and joy to be central to the experience. Once you meet Ana, you know to trust her to create something beyond what you can articulate. From those desires, as a true translator, Ana brought those elements to life for this event but elevated it with her lens. The end result was a seamless integration of her perspective on food as fun, delightful and to be shared - it was a special intimate and fresh experience that my guests still talk about today. The meal flowed as she prepped and plated each beautiful course, creating new flavor experiences for me out of some of my favorite ingredients, from beef cheeks to lemons. As with all of the meals I've enjoyed from Ana, her food was lovingly considered and thoughtfully executed.

Ana's gift for flavor and composition lets ingredients shine but packs such a flavorful, joyful, and sustaining punch. She is willing to experiment and expand the palette as long as it is in service of letting the ingredients complement the experience of breaking bread. I am eager for my next opportunity to work with Ana again in this capacity." -Lindsay Booker